tickerfeed realtime notifications for everyone

"A central place, that provides instantly the latest information, that you care about: from world-changing events to local hiking group updates.
As there was no app available, that solves this simple problem, I started the development of tickerfeed."

tickerfeed = ticker + feed. Your new personal information hub.

tickerfeed is here, your new personal information hub. A realtime notification service for everyone.

tickerfeed has two different target groups. On the one side are the users and consumers, that want to get the latest news and information. And in todays fast-living world, getting information asap can be important. On the other side are the creatives and producers that want to reach lots of people with the content they create.

tickerfeed wants to bring both sides together and help the users to get the latest information and help the creatives to deliver them to their users. That's the purpose of tickerfeed. It's a realtime notification service for everyone.




Be up-to-date by receiving the latest news and information via push notifications on your smartphone.

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Reach your target audience instantly. Be the first to send the latest news and information to your users.

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Automate message posting by using the public API or Connectors. Learn to link your Ticker on your website.

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